fic: I'm not me without you (zayn/niall)
title: I'm not me without you

pairing: zayn/niall

rating: pg-13

word count:3544

disclaimer: not mine, not true, etc

I AM SUCH A SAP WHAT EVEN IS THIS. okay omg seriously I never realised how hard it was to have two strapping young leads making out on a bed and have it not end in sex. This was a lesson in self-restraint.

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Fanmix tutorial

Hi everyone! profcricket has asked me to contribute to the Rec Week/Repple Depple Resources with a fan mix tutorial.


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Someone Come and Save My Life - A Liebgott/Webster fanmix

A/N: Evidently I am not an artist, but I honestly can't get these two out of my head and pretty much every song reminds me of them anyway so I decided to make this! It came out a tad angst-ier then I expected but hey, Webgott is the perfect ship for a bit of angst now and then. 


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Fic: Something Here Will Eventually Have To Explode

Title: Something Here Will Eventually Have To Explode
Pairing: Liebgott/Webster
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2, 641
Summary: He wasn't sure when Joe became not so much a body generating heat next to his own, but everything.
Disclaimer: I have absolutely no affiliation with Band of Brothers or HBO. This is completely fictional and based off of the portrayal of these characters in the miniseries; no offense is meant to the actual soldiers. 
A/N: I needed to do something to get Liebgott/Webster out of my head and this is the result! I spent like a week and a half working on this during the late hours of the night and I think this is as happy as I'm going to get with it. I'm glad it's finally finished, and I'd just like to say that there's no way I would have been able to get through it without offing myself if it hadn't been for 
Emily, who is just amazingly sweet and helpful. She held my hand all the way through this and let me whine and complain however much I needed so just thank you for that bb. Actually everyone on tumblr was very helpful throughout, so thank you to everyone who listened to me cry. OKAY I'M GOING TO STOP RAMBLING. For anyone still reading this I hope you enjoy, and I just wanted to let you know that any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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Alright folks

Go easy on me. This is my first Liebgott/Webster vid (I NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF MY SYSTEM SOMEONE HELP ME) and the third vid I've ever even attempted so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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So I haven't been actively posting on LJ for an inexcusably long time
(Despite the fact that I never really got started but ANYWAY)

I plan to rectify this mistake immediately.

I've started to awkwardly make fanvids since discovering the joys of Windows Movie Maker so I'll probably start posting a couple of those. Also I've become interested in a few new shows, fandoms etc since I was last on here so I'm probably going to try my hand at fic once more.

So...yeah. Look forward to that.


Fic: Prove It

Title: Prove It
Author: lightsisee 
Pairing: Pinto
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1, 217
Summary: Shameless Pinto smut.
A/N: This is my first Pinto fic ever, actually it's also my first smut ever, so bear with me on this one. Please let me know if I've done it right or if I should stick to lots of fluff with unicorns and rainbows and the like!


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Hello LJ

This is my first post, I have no friends, an armful of my cat trying to crawl all over the keyboard and severe writer's block. Welcome :) I'm very excited actually....Tralala oh Internet, I'm talking to no one right now.
Anyway, I'm off to go attempt to make some LJ friends.

Goodbye anyone who may be reading this PLEASE BE FRIENDS WITH ME
I'm emotionally and mentally stable, I promise.


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